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The ALLSTAR DRAINS Company Services

Below is a list of drainage services that we provide for the Surrey, Sussex, South & West London areas.

Blocked Drains

Almost every homeowner will have experienced some form of blockage within their home. With years of experience within the drainage industry, the Allstar drainage team are fully capable of spotting the most common and probable causes of such blockages.

CCTV Surveillance

AllstarDrains offer all types of survey. Using CCTV to survey your drains is safe and accurate, enabling us to get a good look at sections of the drain that were previously inaccessible without disruptive excavations. This means we spend less time getting to the route of the problem and we reduce the risk of damaging your drains, saving you time, money and distress.

We employ the latest CCTV technology to survey your drains, saving you time and money when it comes to taking preventative action and avoiding a major blockage or drainage failure in the future. We film the inside of your drains and then produce a written report or provide video footage to show you what is causing your drainage problem.

High Pressure Jetting

Allstar Drains provides a far-reaching drain maintenance service, which includes high pressure jetting to remove unhygienic or unsightly residues after sludges have been removed. This service is normally provided as part of the gully emptying process, and is also used to clean rooftop rainwater drainage channels, bunds enclosing oil storage tanks, surfaces where chemical or other spillages have been removed or neutralised.

Domestic & Commercial

We are experts in all drainage problems Domestic & Commercial including blocked toilets, sinks, sewer pipes, drains and general pipe work.

Gutters, Gulleys & Downpipes

AllstarDrains have many experiences cleaning and maintaining gutters, gulleys and downpipes. Whether above or below ground we can clear any obstructions but also recommend ways of stopping future problems arising in all areas which are especially prone to blockage. This applies to grates, traps, grids and soil stacks in those difficult drainage areas.


We are equipped to deal with any blocked toilets or sinks quickly and efficiently, which results in lower downtime and resulting costs.

Full Drainage System Site Survey

No drain solution is beyond our capabilities. From a quick camera inspection to a full site survey, we can locate the cause of an ongoing problem and offer a repair solution that will be tailor made to your requirements and come in at a competitive budget.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Prior to you purchasing a property, drainage CCTV allows us to easily determine the likelihood of any problems, so that we can get to work on resolving it quickly using the most appropriate and effective solution. It also means that we can make a thorough assessment of the drain and advise you on the best ways to keep the drain clear and in full working order for the future.Using our equipment, we can provide a comprehensive report which means that we can offer you a more complete insight into the workings of your drains, and show you things that might be missed if the drains were entered manually or a less thorough method was used to discover the problem. So, things such as minor leaks, cracks and sinking can be quickly repaired before the damage becomes extensive or irreparable.

Drain Maintenance

Drain problems can arise at any time and can be stressful to deal with. If a drain emergency happens, or if you want drain maintenance services, you need skilled and professional drains specialists to help you.

Service Contracts Available

AllstarDrains offer a simple solution to commercial clients.

Our approach towards commercial work is special thanks to the broad range of trades and services we offer under one umbrella, providing our clients with integrated commercial services built upon our firm company  values. In addition to time served tradesmen and our management we will ensure prompt and cost effective delivery of your project, regardless of the size or specification.

If you require our drainage services call us on 020 7252 1826 or email us for a free quotation with no call out charge.

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